Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quick Dictionary

Like the name suggests, Quick Dictionary aims to provide QUICK results for word meanings. The app’s main motivation is to display the meaning of a word with easy and minimum effort from the user.

While looking up the meaning of a word a user usually has to exit the current document, start an app which provides word meanings and type in the word to find the definition. Statistics show that 90% of the users, who use a dictionary app, struggle with the spelling of the word whose meaning is to be found out. Now, would it be nice if you can skip knowing the accurate spelling of a word to find its meaning? Moreover, isn’t it irritating to switch focus of screens just to know the meaning of a word?

The top grey Notification bar on your Android screen displays all important information about your Android phone that may need your attention. This bar, also called the window-shade because you can pull it down to cover your screen, is the quickest and easiest way to interact with those new and incoming events. The Quick Dictionary app uses this fantastic feature to meet your requirement.

Once you have downloaded and installed the app start the app by clicking on the launcher icon.

Go-to ‘Settings’ and check the ‘Quick Dictionary On’ button. Watch the ‘Quick Dictionary’ icon appear on the Notification bar along with the time, battery state, network state icons, etc.

Now, while reading a document or text message, you’ll often come across a word whose meaning you do not know. Simply select the word by long pressing it and copy it on the clipboard.

Pull down the notification bar (window-shade) and tap on the Quick Dictionary icon. The meaning of the word if fetched from the internet and flashed immediately as a timed pop up which will disappear after a few seconds. Quick Dictionary also has a caching feature where the searched word and its meaning is stored in the local database. Thus to find the meaning of an old word you don’t need an internet connection.

The App also provides a traditional way of looking up a word meaning where you input the word into the text box and click on the search button for results. However, you need to know the spelling of a word accurately.

Click here to download and install. Below are some snapshots from the working app.

Snapshot: Long press a word and select it

Pull down the status bar screen from the top and click on the notification icon

The meaning of the word is flashed

Here's the traditional way to look up a word meaning

FLAMES Love Games

Have you ever felt bored during a dull lecture in a classroom? Have you wondered what might make you very popular at college parties? Do you want a funny excuse to break the ice with someone new?

Imagine you had a teensy-weensy relationship calculator to carry around in your mobile phone. Any time you desired, you could use it to predict the relationship between two people. Well, you are not likely to come across a relationship genie but here’s the next best thing!

Click here to download and install.

The ‘FLAMES Love Games’ app is an amusing application for your Android mobile phone that enables you to determine the accurate type of relationship between any two people. It is a good old classic love game played in the backseats of college classrooms, canteens, parties etc. It yields interesting and often humorous results. The result falls under these categories:

F - Friends
L - Love
A - Admire
M - Marriage
E - Enemies
S - Sex

Check out the proverbs and cheesy quotes by celebrities, rock stars! You might want to know what they think about love, sex or...

How does it work?

Given Player 1's and Player 2's name, result is calculated as follows:
  1. Strike out the common characters between the names.
  2. Count the remaining characters. This number is called as the strike number.
  3. Now start with the initial word 'FLAMES' and start with 'F' as the initial position.
  4. Strike out the character which is at the strike number distance from the initial character position. When necessary wrap around the word. For instance, when strike number is 7 the character 'F' will be stroked out.
  5. Now the new word will be without the character which has been stroked out and the initial position will be the character next to the stroked out character. Continuing with previous examples, when 'F' is stroked out, the new word will be 'LAMES' and initial position will start with the character 'L'.
  6. Repeat steps 4, 5 until you end up with a single character.
But hey! There's an element of surprise. We've tweaked the logic to spice up the results!

We hope you enjoy it. Let us know what you think. Cheers! Below are images from the working app!

Launcher Icon

Snapshots of the App: And the players are... Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Snapshot of the App: In action

Snapshot of the App: Love it is!